Tweet Fleet

Twitter is the second largest social media channel on the planet. As of its sixth birthday in March of 2012, the community stood at 140 million users and growing. 340 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries are published daily. For more of an overview, check Twitter’s profile on Wikipedia.

Twitter demographics

Through our Tweet Fleet service, you learn how to leverage Twitter as an effective direct marketing tool for your business. No, it’s not just for celebrities and pointless babble. Twitter can locate targeted customers who are interested and focused on topics you can address through products, services and information. For organizations who struggle to create conversation around what they do — in short, who “struggle to matter” — Twitter can provide immediate impact and value.

Three quick facts that may surprise you about Twitter:

  • 57% of users are aged 26 to 44.
  • 25% of users follow a brand.
  • 67% of brand followers will purchase from that brand.
  • Consumer behavior is studied at the most finite of levels on Twitter.

  • Twitter is based on the notion of following — which is the core of brand loyalty. We all want consumers to sniff, inquire about and buy our offerings. If you strive to be a top brand, then you must start by joining the flow of consumer talk and chatter. You want to find out what drives buying decisions, where their moods ebb and flow, what triggers a purchase. You definitely want to watch what your competitors are doing to gain market share. You look to publish information that shows what you can do to fulfill needs — to sway favor toward your brand. With the latest revitalization of the Twitter, a Facebook-like community with videos, images and stories easily unfolds. Conversations gain momentum easily.

    Courtesy of Focus. Drag and drop the infographic to your desktop for a larger version.

    Establish or take your Twitter presence up a few notches.

    • Identify your “consumer sweet spot.”
    • Design your Twitter profile to impress.
    • Brainstorm meaningful categories of content to publish.
    • Train you on how to tweet from desktop, tablet or smartphone easily.
    • Increase an existing fleet of followers.
    • Showcase product photos or videos.
    • Run exciting promotions.
    • Keep your passion, personality and expertise in front of more people week.
    • Track and chart consumer behavior, including demographics.
    • Provide a bump to the Google rank of your business’ website.

    This is one marketing channel that can ramp up quickly. We can add as many as 500 new followers each month (6,000 by the end of the first year).