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With its initial meteoric rise in value in 2010 (+ 246% membership), Facebook entered the top 100 brand index at #35 (Brandz report, 2011). It was estimated at the time that 41.6% of the U.S. population had a Facebook account. In its stunning IPO filing (submitted February 2012), the social media platform boasted 845 million members worldwide. Each day, an estimated 483 million will visit (57% of members), compiling an approximate 2.7 billion “likes” and comments (yes, that’s a per day figure). 2011 earnings were $3.71 billion, up from $1.97 billion in 2010 (+ 188% revenue).

Review the Facebook IPO.

Filed with the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC, 150 pgs).

With a footprint as large and a megaphone as loud and dynamic as Facebook, it’s difficult to imagine a professional, business or other organization that’s not interested in leveraging its massive potential. Yet, many are just dabbling in the channel — scratching the surface of what’s possible. The key question you should be asking yourself is this — isn’t it time I take advantage of the world’s hottest media? You wouldn’t think of not having a website, or a logo, or contact information, or business cards — would you? Yes, Facebook is essential. Don’t overlook what consumers are doing or not doing just because you’re not personally a fan, don’t see the value or have the answers for your organization. Seek help!

Facebook Timeline’s Positive Impact

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Through an exciting partnership with Maximize Social Media (Florida, USA), we’ll kick your Facebook profile into overdrive. Get the look, feel and results of a fortune 500 brand on Facebook through 360-degree management of your presence. Do it for a fraction of the cost that other agencies charge — and half the investment of an entry-level employee! Maximize has experience generating north of 100,000 fans for a single business on facebook. You didn’t miscount zeroes. This is not a stay-at-home mom, intern or in-house team doing the best they can. This is a professional, “no holds-barred” commitment to succeed.

If you’re not yet among the “Facebook successful,” then which are you — avoider, stuck or overwhelmed? Please watch the below videos. Get your organization on target. Amplify your audience!

We’ll start with a trio of activities. We’ll handle all necessary market research to position your brand for success on facebook. We’ll strategize and setup content and advertising campaigns to accelerate new fan acquisition. We’ll revamp your facebook presence to make the most of the transition to timeline, fan gates, custom apps, multimedia content, and more.

Step out and ahead of the other companies stuck on a flat and drab Facebook experience. We unlock content options that are unavailable through a standard profile setup. Our job is not only to get people to like your page, it’s also to keep them engaged. That’s what amplifies your reach and generates leads.

All is outlined below and available for less than $20,000 a year. Setup and monthly fees are detailed in the shopping item for this service.

Promote Offers

  • We assign an advertising director to create and monitor campaigns for fan acquisition.
  • Launch a viral deal with group discounts.
  • Offer a “fan exclusive” download by sharing a wall post (supports audio, video, documents, printable coupons, and more).
  • Convert visitors into fans by rewarding them with an exclusive coupon or invitation to a special event.
  • Lead a sweepstakes.

Showcase Multimedia Content

  • We assign a strategist and a designer to revamp the overall Facebook experience.
  • Premiere a new video by displaying a single large format YouTube clip.
  • Organize your YouTube videos to increase views and exposure.
  • Display large images that promote your business, with optional “buy now” buttons that bridge over to your social store.
  • Share documents like whitepapers, articles, instructions, and other materials.

Mobilize Support

  • We assign content creators to produce 12 or more wall posts each day.
  • Utilize the Timeline banner as powerful ad space for making strong first impressions.
  • Create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations to capture valuable information.
  • Build community by showcasing your partners, friends, clients, or family of brands.
  • Grow your fan count by sharing your blog posts or news content.
  • Generate a wave of viral support and momentum for a product, cause, candidate, or occasion.
  • Ensure your followers, friends, and fans never miss a tweet.
  • Promote a cause and let recruits choose when, where, and how they contribute.
  • Provide a map and make it easy for fans and friends to find you, your brand or event.
  • Manage user forms, contact lists, outbound emails, and auto-responders.

Moderate Discussions

  • We assign a community moderator to monitor and manage wall activity.
  • Feed conversations with comments.
  • Remove negative or innappropriate feedback.

Generate Revenue

  • Sell your products or services with an easy-to-configure social mini-store.
  • Raise funds for your favorite cause.

Infographic courtesy of Focus. Drag and drop the image to your desktop for a larger version.

Coming Soon!

To further accelerate engagement, we’re working to offer membership in something we call “Share Network.” Our friends become your friends. Our crowd is motivated to take all of the action you’d want to see on your behalf on the wall each day. It’s like layering in leadership to an otherwise unguided social circle to create a “monkey see monkey do” effect. What does the additional engagement achieve for your organization? pick up more fans, likes and shares (and sooner). Promote your content more broadly (including to other social media channels). For example, amplify the message through Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and others. Watch as your company website rises in Google rank from the favorable share activity on your affiliated social media pages.

You didn’t think Facebook was only about playing around, did you?