Social Media

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Facebook Amplified

Many businesses promote a Facebook profile over their corporate website. If you’d like to amplify your Facebook presence and do all of the things the fortune 500 do, then this is the service for you. Build your fanbase into the tens and hundreds of thousands. Promote engagement through contests, special offers, multimedia content and daily discussions on the wall. Mobilize support. Generate a new stream of leads and revenue. In short, do all of the advanced things you’ve seen the best on facebook do. We commit a specialized team to each account (a strategist, content creators and a dedicated moderator), and we it for the price of a part-time employee. This service is in partnership with maximize social media, one of the nation’s top facebook lead generation firms. EXPANDED INTRODUCTION.

Facebook Timeline

Hire a professional to get creative with the timeline header of your Facebook profile. Don’t settle for a low-resolution image. Introduce your values and interests. Make people smile, laugh, engage! This is a great opportunity to make a splash for your personal or business brand.

Tweet Fleet

Learn to leverage Twitter as an effective direct marketing tool for your business. Build or increase an existing fleet of followers. Run exciting promotions. Keep your passion, personality and expertise in front of more people week. Being active on Twitter can even provide a bump to the Google rank of your business’ website. This is one marketing channel that ramps up quickly. Add approximately 500 new followers each month (or 6,000 by the end of the first year). EXPANDED INTRODUCTION.

Share Network: Year 1 Membership / Year 2 & Beyond — coming soon!

“Social signals” have become central in Google’s algorithm for ranking websites. Each time your website’s content is blasted to leading social media pages, there’s an opportunity to increase your business’ visibility and boost your credibility in the marketplace. Google is watching and looking to reward you. Joining the Share Network is a turnkey way to guarantee regular surges of desirable activity each time you post information at your website. No more awkward begging with your friends and associates to help grow your business!