The New SEO


For those in the dark about search engine optimization (SEO), or who’ve been outflanked by Google’s Panda or Penguin maneuvers, we have promising news to report from the battlefield.

We’re participating in an exclusive project, led by the brightest SEO and internet marketing generals in the United States. These are thought and action leaders — not just people who say they understand Google. This is a movement by professionals who carefully research and track what Google does — the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The metaphor is simple. Establish layers which amplify your credibility. Channel the goodwill that’s generated to your kingdom. Fortify yourself against future coup attempts by Google and others.

It’s no longer the quantity of your connections that make you more desirable and credible as a resource — it’s the depth and trust afforded their influence. Far too often, we focus solely on our capabilities. It’s old world knowledge that surrounding ourselves with influential people inspires still more favorable behavior and results.

The components should be coming into focus:
• informed populations tab influencers
• these influencers are not paper dragons
• influencers surround themselves with like-minded soldiers
• influencers strengthen each other through collaboration
• behind every influencer is his/her emperor/empress
• you don’t defend a domain without a substantial guard

In business, formal and informal partnerships don’t arise or stay easily. It starts with a odd sense of discomfort and worry that sharing will only benefit one of the parties. Perhaps one is better positioned to leverage the collective gain. Progress advances and/or ends with one or all feeling like they need to focus on what they do best. Momentum just isn’t where it would be if each fired their limited, specialized resources at niche customers.

Our solution is the perfect combination of old and new world thinking. Once revealed, it presents as shockingly pragmatic. If you’re a professional or business who wants to forget a past penalty at the hands of Google – or you’re looking to learn SEO for the first time and add internet marketing to your business growth plans, then you’re squarely in the right place.

To qualify for this endeavor, please approach with an open mind and an ability to invest $2,000 to $4,000 monthly. We’ll establish a one-year retainer and an ambitious plan to grow your search profile safely and judiciously. The reality is that a third or halfway through the process, you’ll want to talk renewal. You’ll like seeing the assets we produce, the results you can measure, the meaningful progress being made for your business.

Call Eric S. Townsend at your nearest convenience to discuss options. (202) 494-4326.