How We Do SEM

If you own an optimized website, then proceed to a search engine marketing (SEM) retainer below.
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Search engine marketing (SEM) increases the value and exposure of your search engine optimized website. It directly raises your website’s rank among recommendations made to consumers at the end of targeted searches. It’s what takes you from startup to small business to challenger brand to market leader. SEM transports your business from backyard boring to Bangkok bustle. To engage SEM for your business, you must have first learned what consumers are using as their searches, then have taken the measures necessary to embed that information into your website.


Whereas search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the degree of relevance between your website and what consumers want, SEM focuses on your credibility and the depth of your network. Just as a high concentration of accomplished, influential people around you can significantly boost your chances for success, your website is ranked based upon the richness and reach of its connections. Between the two factors, quality trumps quantity.


Anywhere that your website address is actively linked from another’s website is called a backlink. A one-way link from them to you is better than reciprocal links. Your links need to be setup and recognized by Google in a certain way. The process of building up a portfolio is called backlinking, or linkbuilding. The best links cost money. Others are bartered. Some are completely free.

Establishing a backlink empire can be tedious and exhausting. Some backlinks are not obvious. For example, when a Facebook friend opts to “share” your content on their wall, that is third-party endorsement that Google likes to see. Once any link is set up, whether it’s through a social media channel or other type of website, Google needs to recognize them and connect the dots back to you. A score, based upon the average value of the websites backlinking to you, determines the value of your website. The bottom line? This is science, and it takes patience.

What are examples of backlink investments? Banner advertising. Guest blogging. Participation in online forums. Content sharing on social media pages. Online publication of articles and press releases. Creation of business directory profiles. Promotion of seminars and other public appearances. Publicity.


In addition to increasing visibility, we also seek to enhance your conversion of the newly-acquired traffic. In short, we turn prospects into customers. We achieve this primarily through corporate identity, content generation, expertise building, product development, branding, customer handling, sales direction, and good ole’ fashioned staying in touch. If you expect people to boost your credibility and prospects by recommending your ideas, services, products, and more to their networks, then what you produce must be interesting, useful, polished, impressive — superlative!


Leapfrogging your competitors and establishing a firmer foothold on the battlefront for the long haul lies just around the corner! “From Backyard to Bangkok” SEM retainers are annual commitments with a monthly flat rate. Some include a percentage of the revenue generated through increasing your customer base. Once we’ve established where these figures should be, charging ongoing payments is easy. If you’d like us to handle the entirety of a new website build and optimization package, then order our Google V.I.P. ($375), Website Starter Kit ($975) and SEO Primed ($150/month) offerings.