How We Do SEO

If we built your website, then you’re qualified for SEO package. If we didn’t create your website, then order our “website starter kit” ($975) or request a custom build.


You no longer need to be a search engine genius to cultivate qualified opportunities for your business! No more guessing what motivated consumers want. Demystify search engine optimization (SEO). Commandeer the process with a specialized software install and a small monthly assist from us. The combination of a do-it-yourself tool and access to consultative expertise will help you to make practical, daily use of SEO’s secrets.


• Discover the correct, profitable keywords;
• Optimize one to 40 website pages monthly;
• Outrank competitors for key Google searches;
• Stay up to speed on SEO best practices;
• Attract/convert visitors with your content;
• Build quality links more easily;
• Receive referrals to social media re-publishers;
• All from inside your WordPress dashboard!
• BONUS: A hands-on consultation each month.
• BONUS: Forwards of vetted literature.


First — we license and install a piece of software that introduces several new areas to your WordPress dashboard. This product guides you through micro-exercises that help you to identify and attract the right kind of traffic, while converting these visitors to customers through sound copywriting. You’ll even receive recommendations to social media contacts and other publishers for backlinks and additional visibility for your offering.

Second — enjoy a hands-on consultation each month with SEO expert Eric S. Townsend. Discuss short and long-term search marketing goals. Get answers to burning questions. Make sure you’re leveraging the software properly. Much more!

Click one of 9 screenshots for a look at the SEO software that’s added to your WordPress dashboard.


Building consumer confidence and Google page rank are just around the corner! The revolutionary “SEO Primed” is priced at just $150 per month — enabled by credit or debit card authorization. If you’d like to layer in more hands-on attention, then additional consultations can be scheduled in $75 increments. The package is designed as a cost-effective companion to our more intensive, search engine marketing (SEM) retainers. Isn’t it time you made your website a constant, ever-present asset in your marketing mix?

If you’re interested in the level above the “SEO Primed” service — which is a custom search engine marketing (SEM) retainer — then please visit the above link or call Eric S. Townsend at (202) 494-4326.