Search Marketing

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Google V.I.P.

Don’t guess what consumers are typing into that Google search field — know it! Build your business from a vantage point of knowledge and power. Whether it’s to identify promising domain names or to launch a secondary website, we let you under the hood and make you a Google V.I.P. That’s access to the Google database for raw market research data, plus layering in columns of analysis, both of which we cover during a follow-up consultation.

Local Lister

This value-packed suite ensures search consumers find your business on more than just Google. Submit, refresh and track a basic profile as it displays locally on 30 secondary channels. Gain valuable, one-way backlinks from high-traffic websites. Save hours of data entry through a consolidated approach.

SEO Primed

With this breakthrough in search engine optimization (SEO) services, you will be trained from zero to expert in the art of Google-optimized content generation. We provide the do-it-yourself software that walks you through each step in the process plus access to one hour of monthly consultation to make the most of your new investment. This purchase establishes a system of credits through which you can optimize up to 40 website pages per month. Additional credits are available for purchase via custom proposal. Check out the EXPANDED INTRODUCTION or our no-nonsense PRIMER ON SEO vs SEM.

From Backyard to Bangkok (SEM Retainer)

Take a website from buried to superknown on Google. Generate a new stream of leads for your business. The answer lies in a steady campaign of search engine marketing (SEM) activities known collectively as “linkbuilding.” Each SEM retainer is secured through an annual commitment with a monthly flat rate investment. In some instances, a percentage of the revenue generated through the website(s) is also included. The more competitive your marketplace is and the higher you seek to rank on that grid dictate the level of monetary commitment needed to succeed. Check out the EXPANDED INTRODUCTION or our no-nonsense PRIMER ON SEO vs SEM.