Website Brochure

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Download Our Website Brochure (a 1.5 mb .pdf file). Don’t create a website for yesterday’s market! Learn how to build a website for breakthrough success in the now internet arena.

All of our websites are built and developed on the industry-leading WordPress content management system. Take a look at 21 popular brands who’ve made the same decision.

Download Additional Exhibits (a 7.6 mb .zip archive) for a look into the enterprise-class technologies and market analysis tools that form the backbone of the website offering. Double-click the download ( to reveal a series of folders and .jpg files. Click to enlarge the docs preview below. Don’t see a technology that you’ve seen elsewhere on the internet? Don’t worry — we can make it happen! It may just be that we haven’t updated our website with it.

You can find designers who build high-brow websites — even those with seemingly all the cool bells and whistles you could ever want. However, do these websites perform well? Chances are they don’t and won’t. A website won’t perform without a methodical, empirical foundation of research. It’s the kind of exercise that makes most creative types cringe.

WHAT IF someone could help you crack Google’s database? Pretty exciting, right? We provide full-spectrum marketing research on consumer impulses and trends, show you which strands convert into customers in your backyard, optimize your website to attract the new “convenience” traffic, record entry/exit stats, and convert visitors to leads who email, call, and visit you in person. It’s a recipe for smarter website investment.

Investment begins with $975 for our website starter kit and $20 per month for dedicated website hosting (a level up from shared hosting). Extend the functionality of your asset through world-class plugins and custom development.

For a tour of websites that have been completed or are in-progress according to this offering, please ask your account manager to schedule a phone session with Eric S. Townsend. Shopping the general look and feel is easy enough below. Hearing firsthand how some of the key features responded to specific business goals will take you to an entirely different appreciation of what’s possible with us.

Don’t stop at your website — AMPLIFY YOUR FACEBOOK PRESENCE! Dress up an otherwise drab blue, gray and white color profile. Add more engaging content than what’s readily available to Facebook do-it-yourselfers (apps, fan gates, multimedia features, etc). Build a four to six-figure fanbase efficiently. We commit a strategist, content creator, moderator, and advertising manager to your account. Courtesy of our partnership with the nation’s leading social media firm, Maximize Social Media.