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Influence Point AnalysisInfluence Point Tactical

An influence point is the opportunity to convert a sensory challenge into an emotional or psychological victory. They represent channels to your brand. In the midst of these ongoing challenges, impressions are delicate business. Outcomes can swing wildly from neutral to negative and back around quickly to positive. Success follows your ability to be prepared, stay in the present and capitalize on each opportunity. Each success reinforces your brand’s momentum, strength of defense and valuation. Influence Point “Analysis” (IPA) starts with a conversation and ends with a diagram of where your brand stands. Influence Point “Tactical” (IPT) builds upon the IPA diagram by layering in specific recommendations for action.

Reputation Management

When consumers hit the search engines to check your credentials, your reputation’s on the line. First impressions can mean winning or losing in shopping. Where do you stand? Are there just a few entries for you and a bunch for others with a similar name? Are competitors popping for your search? how excited are consumers by what’s there on your behalf? Are you suffering from negative reviews or complaints? It could be time to start wiping the slate towards clean.

Logo Design Options: Typography Only / Typography + Icon

Don’t accept anything but a top-notch logo for the centerpiece of your image. Friends, family members, or amateurs with software and some promise are not good enough in this competitive marketplace. Forge a stronger first impression. Your supercreative, Eric S. Townsend, is an award-winner — recognized for excellence by notable third-party organizations.

Website Starter Kit

Build your website for breakthrough success in the now internet arena. Award-winning art direction and copywriting by Eric S. Townsend, world-class content management through the #1 CMS platform on the planet (WordPress), and four more goodies that place you on the grid impressively. Dedicated hosting (not shared hosting) through our partner, Morphatic.

Website Landing Page

Opening up a new business? Rolling out a new line of products or services? Running an exclusive promotion? When you want to make that big announcement, roll out the red carpet, create a countdown to launch, or pass along sharp savings — do so by adding a temporary landing page to your website. For those who feel that our “website starter kit” is more than is needed at 5 pages, here’s an offer that delivers what you need on a single page for half the other investment. Dedicated hosting (not shared hosting) through our partner, Morphatic (if you’re not already live with us).

Facebook Amplified

You’d have to be hiding under a rock NOT to note just how many businesses are promoting their Facebook pages over their corporate website. If you’d like to enhance your brand on the #1 social media network on the planet, then this is the service for you! Build your fanbase. Promote offers. Showcase multimedia content. Mobilize support. Generate leads and revenue. In short, do all of the advanced things you’ve seen the big brands do but that are not available through a basic profile setup on facebook. They’ll only let you do so much without a pro on board! EXPANDED INTRODUCTION.

Facebook Timeline

Hire a professional to get creative with the timeline header of your facebook profile. Don’t settle for a low-resolution image. Introduce your values and interests. make people smile, laugh, engage! This is a great opportunity to make a splash for your personal or business brand.

Tweet Fleet

Learn to leverage Twitter as an effective direct marketing tool for your business. Build or increase an existing fleet of followers. Run exciting promotions. Keep your passion, personality and expertise in front of more people week. Being active on Twitter can even provide a bump to the Google rank of your business’ website. This is one marketing channel that ramps up quickly. Add approximately 500 new followers each month (or 6,000 by the end of the first year). EXPANDED INTRODUCTION.

Kindler: 101 Service / 201 Service

Stop giving away your most precious thinking on your blog, article marketing sites and other thought leadership channels! Begin the process of repackaging information for sale on amazon. With the entry of amazon’s kindle fire into the tablet market, their vast product network and this turnkey method of publishing — what are you waiting for? Diversify your business and add this revenue stream.