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Introducing Go Booklets, the paperless publishing arm of award-winning Eric S. Townsend Marketing (ESTMKTG). This division produces, packages and promotes “lean media.” eCommerce is powered by ESTMKTG, with additional distribution through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Lean media from Go Booklets is:

  • Quick to scan, educate and inspire.
  • Smarter fidgeting.
  • Positivity, published!
  • Perfect for life’s in-between moments.
  • Perfect as a boost to online learning.
  • Optimized for all mobile devices.
  • Value-priced, lifts start at $1.29.
  • Portable, paperless libraries — today.

Our Flagship Titles:

Our Team

Go Booklets is a rich and talented team of authors, editors, illustrators, photographers, packaging designers, website developers, marketers, publicists, public speakers, and more. It takes a dynamic production to ensure the next wave in learning. get to know leading team members (coming soon!).

lean media for all


  • Leisure reading.
  • Early learning.
  • High school & academy.
  • College & graduate.
  • Continuing education.
  • Business planning.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Consultation & sales.

Early learning is accelerated through fun, illustrative children’s titles. High school and academy students are introduced to professional skills development. Collegiate and graduate curriculums are challenged by real-world scenarios from active practitioners in the field. Continuing education is taken from website courses and the presentation circuit to regular refreshers on smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Business strategists and planners are invigorated by new tools in their pursuit of world-class success blueprints. Brainstorming colleagues are inspired by mindset-shifting exercises. Sales professionals are trained in best consultative practices, resulting in higher close rates and price points.

go booklets product types

Product Types

  • Articles.
  • Books / Leisure.
  • Books / Educational Topics.
  • Books / Business Topics.
  • Brainstorming Aids.
  • Curriculum.
  • “How to” Guides.
  • Industry Reports.
  • Podcasts.
  • Social Media Manuals.
  • Prospecting & Sales Primers.
  • Training Programs.

What others call blogs and free-form writing, we punch up to articles and “sparks.” Our leisure, educational and business books are instantly accessible, with topics that can be easily started and finished on the go. A series of illustrated children’s books continue the tradition on mobile devices. Our “how-to” guides go beyond hand-holding, popcorn trails and roadmaps. We provide examples and best practices that help you tailor the learning to your needs. Industry reports keep you up to date on the very latest in a business field. Podcasts take the written word off the screen and into the background as you multi-task. Great for travel! Manuals decipher various social media channels, to show you how to make quick and creative use of each. Our sales primers and training programs establish a foundation of concepts first, then take you deeper into consultative sales worksheets, exercises, role playing, and more. Designed to help you perfect your craft and close. You can even hire a coach and receive custom services behind using our pre-packaged materials.

go booklets file formats

File Formats

Compared with the practice of converting traditional books to e-books, we produce new content that’s tailored to smaller screens and enjoyment on the go. Fast scanning. Easy adoption. Less bookmarking.
.MOBI FOR KINDLE E-READERS: we publish these documents at Amazon’s website as black-and-white, text-only documents. No frills. The content is extremely lightweight, so you can store many .mobi files on your device. The text scales to fit the screen of your device. .EPUB FOR NOOK AND ALL OTHER E-READERS: we publish these documents at Barnes & Noble’s website as black-and-white, text-only documents. all other specifications are same as .mobi files. .PDF FOR ALL DEVICES: the format that most resembles traditional publishing is a “pretty-formatted” .pdf. Instead of text that scales to fit the screen of your device, standard formatting applies. Documents include full-color covers and illustrative elements that are embedded or linked from highlighted text (audio, video, photography, and more).

Supported Devices

Go Booklets is an electronic publisher for mobile devices. That means our media works on all smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptop computers.

go booklets distributors


Go Booklets are distributed through the “selected products” tab of this website, the Go Booklets website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. the distribution channel that’s right for you depends upon your device and your preference for electronic format.