Saint Gabrielle Street

Brian D. Hamlin of Saint Gabrielle Street & Company (sgs&co) found me through a Google search. Search engine optimization rocks! From our first meeting, there was clear and potent synergy. Brian called me his “Jerry McGuire” — someone with whom he completely trusts his brand and business prospects.

Saint Gabrielle Street & Company delivers the ultimate inspirational experience. Shows are not your standard motivational speaker fare. Brian captivates and uplifts his audiences through a fusion of music, dance, theatre, video, and inspirational speaking. The SGS&Co vision is illustrated vividly in the artwork I created for a DVD and press kit.


The goal was simple: to impact lives in a powerfully positive way, one audience at a time. Here were the outlets identified — a DVD, a book, a consulting session, a full-scale stage show, a children’s workshop, and more. As the performance reel below attests, SGS&Co is dynamic in how it influences.

In 2010, Brian was recently featured at / interview pdf. He was hand-picked by broadcast personality Quinn Conyers and Jeff Johnson of Black Entertainment Television (BET) to headline their New Voices speaker and events bureau.

Like all things in business, it takes serious capital to jump to the next level. Hamlin engaged me to create a capital campaign. All-tolled, initial investment was set at $30,151 — $9,785 of which Brian committed personally. The remaining 68% would go towards executing the remainder of a marketing game plan we established.

To achieve the goals of the capital campaign, we created a fundraising store. A range of merchandise, services and event admission was offered to help raise the funds needed to launch a full-blown marketing campaign into the future.

Pre-order a signed SGS&Co poster — $15 contribution
Pre-order a signed copy of Brian’s forthcoming DVD — $25 contribution
Pre-order the SGS&Co children’s book — $25 contribution
Pre-order an SGS&Co signature t-shirt — $25, $30 contribution
Pre-order brian’s first feature-length podcast — $50 contribution
Consult with Brian via teleconference and follow-up session — $250 contribution
Book brian to lead a children’s workshop at your school — $500 to $1,500 contribution
Book Brian to appear at your conference, retreat or sporting event — $1,500 to $3,500 contribution
Make a general donation to the SGS&Co capital campaign – from $25 to $2,500 contribution
Become a member of the SGS&Co V.I.P. “Catalyst Club” – $2,500 contribution
Book Brian to perform a small-scale show at your business — $3,500 to $5,000 contribution
Book brian to perform a full-scale show at your venue — $5,000 to $8,000 contribution