Leo A Daly Architects

My first job in the Washington DC area (1997) was as writer and designer in the marketing department of Leo A Daly, an global architecture giant. The director of marketing quickly recognized my talents for delivering a cohesive and persuasive argument on behalf of the firm. I was adept at art directing and marshalling project photography, architectural drawings, copywriting/boilerplate, and custom graphics for the publication of stunning proposals and presentations. My contributions in this capacity helped to garner substantial new and continuing business on the sales front.

I worked in support of the following projects for the firm — Ronald Reagan National Airport, the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, and the Italian Chancery in Washington DC; Cheung Kong Center in Hong Kong; Jumeirah Beach Hotel in the United Arab Emirates; First National Bank Tower in Omaha, Nebraska (USA).

In order to win the above projects, I needed to reframe the image of the firm — from large-scale project management company to design excellence brand. In order to bring this to fruition, I worked in conjunction with Richard Clark (director of architecture), Kevin Green (director of marketing) and Charles D. Dalluge (executive vice president) on a number of efforts. I produced advertising for publications like Forbes magazine and Washington Post. I took on the monstrous task of cataloging all of the firm’s noteworthy projects via informative datasheets that tipped into outgoing proposals. I even impacted the Leo A Daly logo. What was once a staid, one-color, Art Deco typeface that dated back to the firm’s founding became a rich, textured, colorful identity that exuded confidence and artistic flair. My efforts were recognized with an award of excellence in corporate identity from the Society for Marketing Professional Services (smps).

Midway through my employment, I no longer worked under Green (director of marketing) and was instead reporting directly to Calluge (EVP). I became involved in publicity efforts and “special” projects to support the CEO (Leo A Daly himself) as he introduced the firm to various high-profile entities across the globe. We’re talking royalty and the Pope here — that level of prospect. I worked on our website. It was during this time that i met Sebastian Guilmard, a departing architect with a friend at a computer products company that needed a corporate identity and website. While i was extremely proud of the work I led for Leo A Daly architects, I began to consider my next move.

I left the firm to found my first marketing company — Zinc Agency. Guilmard and I made immediate roads at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) through my relationship with Green. we went on to serve numerous architecture and construction entities including Barnes Vanze, Robert Gurney FAIA, Vitullo Studio, Wanchul Lee & Associates, Normanstone Group, Bovis Lendlease, the National Building Museum, and the Washington Architectural Foundation.  I continued to cross paths with Dalluge for years at AIA events through my role as the company’s creative ambassador.

Download the complete Leo A Daly historical timeline (a 380 kb .pdf file) for more information about the firm. To review additional marketing samples from this period, please schedule an in-person presentation.