Absolut Vodka

Also in the mid nineties, I put my fingerprint on Absolut Vodka (a martin agency client).

One of the art directors (who was in the middle of the famous advertising campaign with the bottles front and center) was in my area to request revisions on an ad and to grab a few proofs. I decided to offer my two cents on a concept that would prove to be a departure for the campaign.

I had studied Italian art and architecture in college and suggested a Venice-inspired scene. I described the rendering style and color palette. I described a trick that would ensure the effect I though would be dramatic (how to get a mass number of birds to form the shape of an Absolut Vodka bottle — lay loaves of bread out in the shape you want!) I even showed a photograph from a recent trip to pinpoint the view I’d feature.

Well, below is the ad. It eluded my radar until years after it ran — and for good reason. I’m sure the art director took full credit for my ideas! I’m just glad I found it last year during an unrelated Google search.

absolut_vodka_ad(550px) 1