Meet the Founder

Eric S. Townsend is an American entrepreneur with interests in digital marketing, mentorship, publishing, early childhood education, music, fashion, and sports. He has served 400+ brands through his advertising and creative work since 1994, including Dow 30 and Fortune 100/500 clients. Townsend was mentored by poet Steven Addiss, pupil of the avant garde music composer John Cage, guided by the incomparable revolutionary of modern art Marcel Duchamp. The lineage manifests in his skillsets. His strong work ethic owes a debt to his family’s farming roots north of Naples, Italy (Dragoni). Townsend has been recognized for excellence by The Webbys, PR Week magazine, American Marketing Association, Society for Marketing Professional Services, Service Industry Advertising Awards, Washington Business Journal, Kickstarter, and the Northern Virginia Technology Council. He has guided rising tech marketers through Everwise (now Torch). He has written and published 20+ books. His children’s adventure series Tabula Raisa (est. 2016) was successfully funded through patrons on Kickstarter. The author’s latest book explores the childhood and early career of musical genius Prince Rogers Nelson. His innovative work for Go Booklets (est. 2012) has contributed meaningfully to the “small books” movement in digital publishing. In the music industry, he has been credited as writer, producer, or lyricist on 100+ songs.


Townsend learned to crawl and draw at the same time. His first scribble was a rabbit. His mother regularly drove him to the Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium in New York where his imagination ran wild. He drew animals and gazed upon star shows for hours. At Lyncrest Elementary School (Fair Lawn NJ), he wrote a lengthy poem on the fall of Pompeii (Italy) and published haiku in the local newspaper. His first exposure to technology was building robots in the school’s Gifted & Talented (G&T) program.


Townsend earned his first dollar in marketing as a student at the University of Richmond (1992). He designed music packaging for local groups. During a rare snowstorm, when he was prepared to present to his sculpture class, he instead walked the class to a nearby field where his band performed. The band again joined him in a Japanese art and culture class to perform a reworking of a beloved renga poem. Townsend regularly contributed to The Messenger, a Richmond literary magazine. One of his short stories (Torn) was runner-up for the Margaret Owen Finch Award for Creative Writing.


Townsend’s agency career began at Landslide Creative Services (1994). A former classmate saw his potential and offered an internship-to-hire arrangement. He then contributed at a division of The Martin Agency (Richmond VA), Zinc Agency (Washington DC), SQN Branding, Billy Casper Golf (Tysons Corner VA), SplashKit, ESTMKTG, and now leads Glimpse Digital (Fairfax VA).


Townsend has always been driven by doing things better. His modifications to a line of beanbag chairs for Gold Medal Products (Richmond VA) in the late 90s directly led to today’s loungers for gamers. He transformed a bulky annual report for Pact International (Washington DC) into a menu you could unfold and read in minutes. To challenge architects, he once portrayed Washington DC as a plain ice cube tray (turned upside down) on the cover of the American Institute of Architects’ monthly magazine. He was an early adopter (and later opponent) of Flash technology on websites and WordPress. He beta-tested plugins for the latter that are now industry-leading (e.g., WooCommerce, Divi). He pushed the merits of “writing small” and released ebooks through a digital imprint while the publishing industry wondered what was next. He created a simple self-improvement metric in billiards called “differential” that rewards players for matching and surpassing their average score. It solved a common problem in recreational leagues called “sandbagging” whereby players perform below their ability to gain an advantage at a later date (ie. local playoffs, regionals, and nationals).