Telling Ain’t Selling

If you’ve purchased the abridged or complete sales primer “Telling Ain’t Selling: Play Catch with Customers,” and you’re ready for customized, person-to-person consulting from us, then complete the below form to initiate a proposal. Purchase the abridged e-reader version at Amazon ($2.99) or the complete version at our website ($17.99). Catch the “Post-game Show” on Twitter (@catchpostgame).

We’ll confirm receipt and take 1 of 3 steps:
• Prepare a proposal (please allow 1-3 business days for preparation).
• Call you to resolve any questions we have or obstacles we see, then prepare a proposal.
• Call you to schedule a free, no obligation work session where we can firm up the scope of services needed.

Please note — a direct phone number (generally, this is your cell phone) provides what we need to follow up quickly and ensure a speedy proposal.

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