Shop Small

Perhaps you’ve seen or clicked on the “Shop Small” logo in the sidebar of this website. Maybe you’ve watched one of the commercials sponsored by American Express. Maybe you’ve heard of Independent We Stand, the organization behind the campaign. If you’re in the dark on this, then wonder no more.

Shop Small is the promotional badge for “Small Business Saturday,” which falls two days after Thanksgiving and one day behind Black Friday. Local businesses across the country our offering friendly deals when you call or drop by on this day.

Busy on Small Business Saturday? There’s no need to re-arrange your schedule! “Shop Small” has become a year-round banner to educate consumers on the benefits of buying from locally-owned merchants and service providers.

What’s the bottom line? Money spent with small businesses generally “stays” to impact the economy in your backyard. Money spent with big businesses may not provide any meaningful boost to where you live. That’s the practical economics part — but it’s just the beginning of the conversation.

The video above is but an introduction. Visit the resource center at Independent We Stand for a wide variety of articles, studies, links, and other informational downloads.