Make a Commitment

Two ways to consider services:

• Request a proposal for an individual service, or mix/match to suit needs.
• schedule a free no obligation work session by phone — Get started here.

A few things that we value in clients:

• You want to be more successful.
• You act on facts, not guesses.
• You want details “in writing.”
• You value branding.
• You believe time has a value.
• You don’t lean on excuses.
• You seek collaboration.
• You ask for clarification when confused.
• You don’t look for the easy way out.
• You’re not hanging by a thin thread.
• You have (or want) a “big picture” strategy.
• You’re not afraid to invest where needed.
• You do what you do for the right reasons.
• You’re not wasteful.

Making a commitment:

• Provide written approval of a proposal.
• Complete our credit or bank debit card authorization form.
• Provide a 33% or 50% deposit and agree to a payment plan.

Seven ways to invest:

• Cash
• Check
• Money order
• Credit or card (visa, mastercard, american express, discover)
• Bank debit card
• Suitable barter
• Convert your referral reward to a project credit

What we start, we finish.

When you start a project with us, our understanding is that we’ll be completing the challenge in the near-term. Logistically, we align resources and move decisively. That is a big part of why you’re paying us versus doing it yourself or trusting a lesser service. Near-term looks differently based upon scope. Scheduling conflicts arise from time to time. With communication, these can be addressed by both parties easily. They should be minimal. Significant delays or suspensions of work cause our team to be less than efficient and profitable. The main reasons for this are that we can’t take on new work until we’ve finished what we’ve started, and the work we’ve committed to was priced for fluid execution (and not a longer, more bumpy road). The bottom line is that we’re trying to keep our fees down in a tightened economy. Help us to maintain that promise.

We work on retainer.

In order to maintain the highest level of service to our most dedicated customers, we work on retainer — which is a work for hire arrangement whereby the employing party pays in advance for work that’s been specified or will be specified later. It’s akin to reservations or bookings. A deposit of 33% or 50% is requested in order to engage services. Secondary and tertiary payments are also made in advance of work, typically timed upon draft of the work and substantially before public release.

Your expectations:

Price. Quality. Turnaround. Pick two as the saying goes. Companies can’t deliver all three, and consumers shouldn’t reasonably expect them to be balanced with the same level of importance. Our value proposition ensures unrivaled quality at a price most can afford. Even a quick scan of our endorsementsportfolio and selected products should speak to our expert capabilities. Should they not sing for you, then please comparison shop. What does it say when someone you approach is completely available and ready to jump for you? It should speak to a lack of demand.

When demand for our services is at its most brisk, turnaround will not be the fastest on the market with us. We ask for your patience and understanding that the demand comes from being strong at what we do. Any delays originate from our insistence on tackling things orderly (according to set deliverables) and never cutting corners. Focus and mindfulness are the cornerstones of successful marketing. When we’re committed to this, for a number of clients at one time, it’s only natural that there will be a lessened pace before re-acceleration is again possible.

We ask that our customers not assume overnight, next afternoon or weekend delivery without paying extra. We’re no different than FedEx and UPS in this regard. If we can deliver quickly, then we certainly will. We do offer rush and weekend rates for those who require their work to be prioritized — which is hourly rate plus 50%. The bottom line is that you’ll need to decide whether our overall proposition is “fair and reasonable” to you, or whether you’d rather work with a company whose resources are less established or less in demand. Marketing is the single most important function of your business. We hope that you’ll choose “quality you can afford” over other value propositions.

We hope that you’ll measure your expectations per what can be received where marginal investments are being made on your end. We understand the volatility associated with using the word “marginal” here, since a dollar can be more precious to some businesses than others. Please keep in mind that we offer “Director of Marketing” retainers for clients who want us 100% responsible for visibility, lead generation and revenue growth. We take care of everything with these agreements. So — where we’re engaged in handling a “less than the whole pie” project, we can’t be responsible for the remaining components in the marketing arsenal and how well they are aligned to fire properly. We can impact what we are touching, along with some collateral areas.

Take the time you need to arrive at a firm decision. Ask questions of us. Lean on your colleagues for their advice. We can’t be held responsible for consumers who won’t engage in due diligence or take the time to see where the market stands for various services we offer. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In short, where you don’t know what you need to know to make a hire, you’re inviting unreasonable expectations. We’re transparent in what we do — probably far more than other businesses you’re shopping — and we’re 100% confident that we provide a great value. With so many pretenders and scam services out there, our commitments should not to be taken lightly.