Green Policy

May 2010

Friends, family, clients, and colleagues —

Adhering to green practices is not a new thing for me. Going public with an official set of policies is. While I’m embarrassed that it took me this long to publish the below items, it’s never too late to make a positive difference! I encourage others to organize and enact same for their businesses. If you have any ideas for how I might further reduce my impact on the environment, then please send along your suggestions.

Thank you,
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Eric S. Townsend



  • No hardcopy proofs since 2005 — reliance on electronic mechanicals by email
  • Publish services brochure for digital download from website — no print version.
  • Print 1000 business cards per year — for in-person prospects only, no multiples.
  • Reduced use of mass flyers for promotions.
  • Institute a referral rewards program as opposed to print advertising.
  • Lean solely (or more heavily) on SEO/SEM and other forms of internet marketing.
  • Transition offering to more online-based services.
  • Take notes on phone or a program like Apple’s text — avoid paper-based pads.
  • Eliminate magazine subscriptions for business use.
  • Resist reorder of Pantone Color Matching System swatchbook with each new update.
  • Download books as opposed to buying hardcopies.
  • Read on screen as opposed to printing (when/where possible).
  • Reduce reliance on a fax machine — promote scanning and eFax service.


  • More meetings by phone, email and chat.
  • In-depth credentials at website — establish comfort without in-person meetings.
  • Work with steady base of clients located outside of the area — less commuting.
  • Prepare most meals at home — less travel to/from restaurants and delis.
  • Minimal use of snail mail, shipping and courier services — except where necessary.
  • Commute via scooter where/when possible — far better miles per gallon.
  • Traded in Jeep Unlimited X for Nissan Altima coupe (a 4 cylinder, 2.5 liter engine).


  • Use laptop — rechargeable battery, draws less power than desktop, easy sleep.
  • Check email and surf internet on smartphone and tablet — draws less power, charge every 1-2 days.
  • No desk lamps or overhead lighting — use daylight through windows to light office.
  • No fax machine — replace with eFax service.
  • No office phone(s) — replace with cell phones.


  • Full recycling in bins for weekly collection.
  • Paper and ink are sparingly used.
  • Projects that are printed feature soy-based inks and recycled paper/material.
  • Component-based collateral — customize, print on demand, greater shelf life.