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In short, we sell genius.

Genius (what we call “supercreative”) takes on many forms — a perspective, formulated idea, working mechanical, or polished product. The quality is exceptional, critical, refreshing, unique, and lively.

Most educational systems identify genius early in life. It’s nurtured differently. Many countries recognize it as a national treasure. Sadly, the United States is not one of those places. Stateside, it’s largely misunderstood and estranged inside corporate culture. It’s been noted that creatives are passed up routinely for executive positions. Many escape to their own practices, where they sell out-of-the-box thinking and solutions to conventional companies.

Read the Open Forum article The Reason Creative People are Often Overlooked as Leaders (2013)
Enjoy the BBC/Horizon documentary (clips below) What Makes a Genius (2010) Part I-IV


Introducing a supercreative whose talents have touched the globe. Cunning warrior. Nimble craftsman. Storyteller. A lightning rod whose ideas and strategies burn from zero to hot, cut through the matrix, overcome indifference, spur action, build momentum, sustain growth, weave a legacy, and provide security to your throne. A supercreative aligns significant tools and talents with your pursuit of wealth, wisdom, goodwill, and alliance — seeds to survival and prosperity.

Seriously, folks…creative genius plays a central role in fueling any economy.

Supercreative — as in greater capacity.
A supercreative pushes the boundaries of knowledge and availability. He’s there when you most need him. He’s serious about craftsmanship. His skillset is multi-faceted, pragmatic, and undeniable.

Supercreative — as in sharper thought.
A supercreative is at ease with intuition, idea generation, critical thinking, and forecasting. His I.Q. ranks in the .05 percentile. No challenge is too great. No obstacle is too formidable.

Supercreative — as in more opportunities.
A supercreative examines the market for growth potential. He delivers qualified prospects to your doorstep — opted-in consumers who live/work in your backyard and want to buy.

Supercreative — as in higher efficiency.
A supercreative is insatiable in his pursuit of why things work as they do — and how things might be handled more easily. He doesn’t accept “that’s the way it’s done.” Life is work in progress.

Supercreative — as in fresher perspective.
A supercreative views the world as his playground. He crosses cultures, explores opinions, eludes habits, and remains fresh. He communicates fluidly, from ideas to solutions.

Supercreative — as in beyond art to science.
A supercreative shifts discourse from subjective to objective. Ideas inform and invigorate disciplines like marketing, branding, communications, and sales. Form + function deliver.

Supercreative — as in bigger picture.
A supercreative knows that brands are not logos. They’re forged and broken where consumers interact with producers. Relationship are assets — stagnant, gaining or losing steam.

Supercreative — as in value added.
A supercreative generates more than ideas. He engineers influence. He partners in quality assurance, consensus building, productivity, awareness, momentum, and capitalization.

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