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Greetings from the homeland — Naples, Italy. Now rockin’ Fairfax (Virginia, USA). For non-locals, we’re 20 minutes west of Washington DC. Grab a traditional résumé, or stay for a colorful read.


I grew up in an Italian household, on the planet of New Jersey. Class clown, budding artist, honors student, state-recognized athlete, and fashion marauder for the formative years of high school. College-educated at the University of Richmond (Virginia, USA) in the former capitol of the Confederacy. Accomplished songwriter who performed on the same bill as the great Joan Jett. My last record (elove) was endorsed by Grammy-winner Van Hunt. Currently, I live and work in Fairfax VA. Its 0.14 sole proprietors per capita ranks in the top 1% nationwide.

Wow, so a Yankee like you must have a big fan club down South eh? Not exactly – but folks don’t seem to mind picking my brain for ideas! Since 1993, i’ve developed an unusually diverse array of marketing services.

I’ve served clients on five continents, including some of the most established brands in the world — Pfizer, Absolut Vodka, Mitsubishi, Saab, Sotheby’s, American Red Cross — each with 75 to 275 years in business. I’ve also been recognized for excellence by the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), the Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA), PR Week magazine, International Webby Awards, and Washington Business Journal. Spotlighted on WTOP Radio (Washington DC) by Edward R. Murrow Award winner Bob Madigan.

Earlier in my career, I listened as headhunters struggled to find a container for my talents. In recent years, I’ve grown comfortable with the less-traveled path of a renaissance man, a creative tour de force – what some have called supercreative. It provides an edge over one- or two-dimensional marketers. They say that a jack of all trades must be a master of none. Well, foolish me. I got a liberal arts education in college. I’ve made it my life’s calling to acquire a growing list of business skills. In 2012, I launched a paperless publishing arm called Go Booklets. Most of our publications are continuing education aides. Both of my parents worked as professors — teaching is in the genes.

Hear me in action through a variety of forums and media below.

Panelist reel (29:50) / Washington Area Music Association’s “Marketing Music on the Internet.” Noted entertainment attorney Kenneth M. Kaufman introduces my segment.
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College talk & critique (40:42) / NVCC communications design department at the invite of “Technology in Education” award-winning professor Julia Turner
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Radio feature #1 / WTOP 103.5 FM / Edward R. Murrow Award winner and “Man About Town” Bob Madigan features one of my ventures.
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Radio feature #2 / WTOP 103.5 FM / Edward R. Murrow Award winner “Man About Town” Bob Madigan features one of my ventures.
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Radio guest spot (38:42) / Blog Talk Radio “Inside Out” show with D.A. Williams and April Sims / topics: pricing implications, social media etiquette, honest communications, and more.
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Master of ceremonies (4:35) / “Meet the Doggetts” concert live from Jammin’ Java, one of the top 100 music venues in the world — Pollstar magazine.
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My music / Listen to songs I’ve composed at the 9Davine website (©1992-2008) / all instruments and voices performed by Eric S. Townsend / engineered by award-winning producer Jeff Severson.

[audio:,,,,|titles=Tempted (©1992 & 2008),Sublimation (©1997 & 2008),Wavelength (©1997 & 2008),When I Get To (©2005),Connect With Me (©2005),|artists=9Davine (ft. Eric S. Townsend),9Davine (ft. Eric S. Townsend),9Davine (ft. Eric S. Townsend),9Davine (ft. Eric S. Townsend),9Davine (ft. Eric S. Townsend)]

Innovation Timeline:

(1994) Combines discarded scraps from a professor’s studio with other found objects to create a series of sculptures that outsell the professor’s finished works. (1997) Partners with Gold Medal Products(a furniture company founded in 1895) to add back and neck support to their beanbag chair line – which directly impacts the design of today’s video game loungers. (1999) Pioneers Influence Point Analysis (IPA) and Brand Development Scripting (BDS), associated with the touchpoints buzz of the last three years. (2001) Creates a leaner, profiler format for annual reports – first embraced by Pact (a non-profit founded in 1971). (2004) Launches a unique sales campaign called “Simplicity is the Key” that lands a design firm (SQN) on the Washington Business Journal “Book of Lists” top 25. (2005) Launches a one-stop, ahead of the curve resource for indie recording artists, small labels and others (SplashKit) to “produce, package and promote recordings like the pros.” (2009) Develops The Business Growth Suite, a refreshingly resource to help small and mid-size businesses to survive (and thrive) during the worst recession in over 70 years. (2009) launches a one-of-a-kind sports venture (NOVA BCA) that attracts the media and leading players from the Washington DC area. (2011) Cuts through the market with two fresh approaches to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services: “SEO Primed” and “From Backyard to Bangkok” respectively. (2012) Launches a paperless publishing arm called Go Booklets, and releases the first two projects “Bizkus: Dragonfire for Business & Life” and “Telling Ain’t Selling: Play Catch With Customers” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Specializing in mp3, mobi, epub and pdf files for mobile devices. (2015) Writes and funds a children’s educational series on Kickstarter called Tabula Raisa that garners the coveted Staff Pick as well as “New and Interesting” and “Featured Project” designations (listed first among 418 publishing projects across 14 subcategories).

The Secrets to My Success?

It started in college, where I studied Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. I was drawn to their stories — visual artists who challenged themselves to also master architecture, science, and poetry. My passion for acquiring new skills has remained strong in the years since. The fact that I’m a quick study has aided my professional growth tremendously. I listen to what more experienced practitioners have to offer. I’ve been blessed with a 150+ I.Q. and take care of my brain…no rugby, lots of vitamins, no drugs!

Most importantly, I’ve stayed hungry and typically find another gear where others choose cruise control. You could say that my curiosity is insatiable — since I’m constantly wondering what more I could do. It’s all about attaining a deeper understanding of why things work the way that they do.

ESTmktg clients span five continents.

Does your organization have a current need? If yes, then let’s get started!



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Additional Features:

Bonus #1 — Leonardo da Vinci media center: courtesy, Discovery Channel
Take a quiz to see how much of a renaissance man or woman you are. Watch videos of experts building various inventions he sketched throughout his career. Scan a timeline of his accomplishments.

Enjoy the Leonardo da Vinci multimedia center.

Bonus #2 — a virtual tour of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling and “Last Judgment” wall mural: courtesy, The Vatican
I’m hugely passionate about art and its history. That should abundantly obvious. I couldn’t resist providing the following content for enjoyment at my profile page.

Visit the site one of the great accomplishments in the history of art — without leaving your computer! Vatican City…a beautiful choir sings for you…a view without boundaries…as it would have appeared when Michelangelo completed his contributions. No italian police will interrupt or rush your enjoyment. No crowds will contend with you. This is your own private viewing, any time you want to indulge yourself with it.

Tour the Sistine Chapel here.
Download a map to guide your tour.
It’s a truly impressive “green” use of the internet.


Why do I underline “green” in this instance? Above is an etching of the Sistine Chapel in 1480, before Michelangelo’s two contributions were painstakingly rendered. Personally, I can’t imagine losing his additions. In the late 20th century, an extensive restoration was completed that did more than just bring the paintings back to life in glorious color. It showed just how fragile the work is, and just how much damage we have brought to it. The work was originally applied through a method called “fresco,” which involves mixing paint and plaster. Of course, plaster cracks and flakes over time. It’s been five hundred years since this Michelangelo work was revealed!

If you enjoy the virtual tour here, and don’t feel the urge to still visit the Sistine Chapel, then you’re reducing the amount of pollution caused by breathing in the confined area. Believe it or not, that’s the number one threat to the site. Some things are worth preserving, and not subjecting to the lighter side of tourist pursuits. If you’re truly serious about the experience, then absolutely make the pilgrimage. Nothing replaces the real thing!