Hats Worn

Explore our Versatility

What hats do we wear? What roles can we play?

While we offer numerous services under one umbrella, and while we’re capable of delivering a holistic, full-spectrum approach to the art and science of marketing — you’re never obligated to engage more than you’re ready to pursue at the moment that you decide to reach out to us.

For example, you can simply hire us for a targeted service — like logo design. Maybe you need a brand or sales audit. It’s whatever you need from wherever you stand in your organization’s growth. You wouldn’t believe how many feel the urge to tell us at the outset that they’re not ready for all that we can deliver. That’s perfectly fine! Let’s build some comfort and trust first.

Project Resource

  • When you’ve got a targeted need — let’s say you want a new logo or some Google research;
  • When you want to extend the capacity of your internal team, due to an overflow concern.
  • Projects are typically billed at a flat rate (given a finite or estimated scope of work).


  • When you’re stalled on an initiative — and an “outside” voice would make the difference;
  • When you’re out of ideas and banging your head against a wall;
  • When you want to know what competitors are doing;
  • When you’d like to have a firmer grasp on industry best practices.
  • Consulting is typically billed by the hour (given a finite, estimated or indefinite scope).

Marketing Manager

  • When you’re without a dedicated marketing function — and want someone to drive it;
  • When you have a marketing manager who’s not quite cutting it — and it’s time to upgrade;
  • When you have a seasonal or temporary wave of work and need additional in-house capacity.
  • Marketing Management can be brought in-house via full-time or part-time hire.
  • It can also be leveraged via monthly retainer (finite, estimated, or indefinite scope).

Guest Blogger, Writer or Speaker

  • When you regularly publish content on your website — and value a fresh perspective;
  • When you need someone to launch or stay on top of your social media presence;
  • When you take a regular marketing meeting — and want an “outside” voice to motivate;
  • When you’re planning an event — and need a speaker to energize your audience.
  • Blogging, writing, and speaking are billed at a flat rate (given a finite or estimated scope).