Difference Making

Brand Attention Makes the Difference

Are you increasing visibility without the same level of care for conversion? Do you see how shortcomings in this area will lead to inefficiency, or even frustration? It’s like buying a ticket to a party without the network, recon, goods, or “it” factor to capitalize on the opportunities that arise. Stressful!

Tightened budgets call for a new approach to business growth. We leverage the laws of attraction, persuasion and loyalty-building. We base our work on objectivity and best practices, so your investment holds intrinsic value. Taking action on hunches and subjectivity is too risky.

Science x Art = Sustainable Marketing!

Here are several success stories:

Two home improvement contractors who received weekly emails, website forms, and phone leads that progressed directly to sales ranging between $7,500 and $500,000 per transaction. We worked on retainer to research the marketplace, carve a niche, position our clients for success, create desirable marketing collateral, communicate benefits, plan/execute campaigns, generate leads through Google, handle the initial inquiries, set appointments, coach proper customer handling, and fill the role of sales AND brand manager (normally an uneasy marriage).

A full-time government employee who sold out one of the top 100 music venues in the world (Jammin’ Java in Vienna VA – USA) on a Tuesday night (yes, this is unheard of – especially for someone who’s not a full-time musician). We helped him to conceptualize the production, plan the event, negotiate with the venue, promote the participants, handle ticket sales, and accommodate patrons on event night. We won a 2011 Service Industry Advertising Award (SIAA) for the promotional materials, though the rest was far more important work.

Two banks who successfully entered the reverse mortgage marketplace and turned a technically-challenged product into an embraced, profitable offering. We worked on retainer to name products, establish a comprehensive brand identity, communicate benefits, facilitate sales, and build loyalty.

A membership organization who successfully entered a heavily-penetrated niche marketplace, overcame the leader on Google and has begun to chip away at its customer base. We helped them to research the marketplace, establish a comprehensive brand identity, refine the product offering for differentiation, communicate benefits, cultivate venue and sponsor alliances, aid member recruiting, build an ecommerce presence, facilitate sales, generate an awards program, and garner publicity.

A world-class concert violinist and instructor who receives two types of targeted opportunities on a regular basis — offers for paid performances and requests for new students. Secondarily, she receives a steady flow of complimentary feedback on her work and expands her fanbase.

A new school that capitalizes on two types of targeted website and foot traffic on a regular basis — prospective full-time students and seminar-goers. We helped to research the marketplace, bolster the school’s credentials, establish a comprehensive brand identity, communicate benefits, generate leads through Google, leverage “sister” resources, build an ecommerce presence, and facilitate sales.

An alternative health practitioner who once relied upon an ineffective, off-the-grid website, but now enjoys an asset that ranks well for several desirable consumer searches on Google. We’ve pulled back on direct mail (which promised only a limited response) and generated new memberships on a weekly basis by holding existing clientele in closer contact. We helped to research the marketplace, bolster credentials, establish a comprehensive brand identity, communicate benefits, build an ecommerce presence, attract new interest, and facilitate opportunities to connect.

A baseball team who went from cellar-dwellers to champions in one season. We weighed in on the name, designed the uniforms, handled recruiting, created an awards program, and built a fan website.

An event planner who creates win-win situations for his patrons and his business through events that regularly turn a profit and produce rave reviews across social media. He was recently contracted for a series of promotions by the biggest name in the Washington DC club scene. We helped to name his business, establish a comprehensive brand identity, generate leads through google, plan and promote events, build a fanbase through social media, and handle ticket and merchandise sales.