there’s a simple reason for my hiatus from the blog tab of this website. i’m dedicated to the ongoing launch of go booklets, the new publishing arm of eric s. townsend marketing (estmktg). the mission for our products is “quick to read, educate and inspire — positivity, published!” go booklets is what i’d like to call a “legacy project.” it represents something i’ll be feeding for the rest of my life. it also ties me back to educator roots — my mother and father were both teachers for their entire professional careers. to date, i’ve authored two books (late 2011 and early 2012), entitled “bizkus: dragonfire for business & life” and “telling ain’t selling: play catch with customers.” both are currently available  on amazon. click the linked titles above to visit us there. in addition, “pretty-formatted” versions of the books are available at the selected products page of this website. we have a series of projects planned for the rest of the year and beyond. of course, we continue to provide marketing services. go booklets is viewed as a natural extension of the professional writing and editing skills we offer to our clients. the output opens up a downstream brand that provides value at lower price points than what it takes to hire eric s. townsend marketing (estmktg). go booklets provides yet another way for us to give back to the professional services community and consumers-at-large.

here are additional amazon promos.

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